OIL Productions

OIL is a fluid collective, an incubator for pornographic productions.

Oil shows the bodies with greed. Our oil is sweet and perfumed, it fluidifies textures, proposes itself hot or cold, makes hair shiny and transforms friction into fusions.

We strongly support a sexual education based on consent and plea- sure. The performers, the filming and mediation team together constitute the project on the basis of shared intentions and ideas.

The collective is comitted to ensuring the safety of performers throughout the production process. The shooting time must be a safe space for the performers as well as for the film crew.

We are comitted to representing sexualities and bodies in their diversity. The films presented by Oil Productions tends to demystify certain so-called dissident practices, but also highlight what is similar to “classic“ habits. All the bodies are beautiful.

We work with people and organizations who share values aimed at respecting the integrity of each human being. This is reflected in the remuneration of the people involved, the application of the right of inspection, healthy and rewarding working conditions, attentive listening and the promo- tion of the word of the performers. All productions claimed by OIL include this code of ethics, whether implicit or explicit in the object produced.

Want to perform?

Please only answer to the questions that makes you feel comfortable. You can also answer as a couple/group.

Can you describe your actual sexuality? What you like and dislike, with whom and by yourself, etc…
Any fetish or kink

Due to the non-industrial amount of movies produced, we can't promise we will find the perfect role for you. Nevertherless, we will answer you in the shortest time and already thank you for reaching out.